photo of Rob AllisonRob Allison

Title: Associate Professor
Email: allison@cse.yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 3051 (LAS 3051) ext. 20192
Website: percept.eecs.yorku.ca/

Research Interests:
Research involves human perceptual responses in virtual environments and basic study of stereoscopic vision.

Movements and the applications of this technology are also investigated.

Member of the York Centre for Vision Research, the CRESTech Human Performance Lab, department of Computer Science and Engineering and the VGR Lab.

Involved in the department's undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, as well as in the CS grad program and in the graduate program in Psychology.

photo of Melanie BaljkoMelanie Baljko

Title: Associate Professor
Email: mb@cse.yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 2028 (LAS 2028) ext. 33348
Website: lassonde.yorku.ca/users/melaniebaljko

Research Interests:
Research concentrates in the area of digital media: interaction and experience design (human-computer; human-human mediated by computer) and critical technical practice, with an emphasis on the domains of assistive and rehabilitation technologies.

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Lassonde School of Engineering.

Full Member of the Graduate Program in Computer Science and in Science & Technology.

Affiliate Scientist at University Health Network, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Communication Team.

Member at the Institute for Research on Learning Technologies, York University.

photo of Michael BrownMichael Brown

Title: Professor
Email: mbrown@eecs.yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 3022 (LAS 3022) ext. 66675
Website: www.cse.yorku.ca/~mbrown/

Research Interests:
Research interests are in the area of computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics with an emphasis on physics-based models for image enhancement and restoration.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lassonde School of Engineering.

Associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) and the International Journal on Computer Vision (IJCV).

photo of James ElderJames Elder

Title: Professor
Email: jelder@yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 0003G (LAS 0003G) ext. 66475
Website: www.elderlab.yorku.ca/

Research Interests:
Research in human and computer vision is conducted. It involves psychophysical experiments on human subjects, mathematical and computational modelling, and development of computer vision algorithms.

Director at the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Data Analytics & Visualization.

Core Member of the Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA).

Faculty Member in the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Lassonde School of Engineering.

Faculty Member in the Graduate Program in Psychology at York University.

Associate Member in the Graduate Program in Mathematics & Statistics.

Petros Faloutsosphoto of Petros Faloutsos

Title: Professor
Email: pfal@eecs.yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 3012 (KLAS 3012) ext. 40630
Website: www.cse.yorku.ca/~pfal/Petros_Faloutsos/Main.html

Research Interests:
Research interest include computer graphics, autonomous agents for computer games and virtual world applications ,motion control, facial animation, interactive graphics and games on mobile devices, micro-processor architectures for accelerating virtual world applications, real-time photorealistic rendering and medical robotics and visualization.

Faculty member in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Associate Editor at The Visual Computer, member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds.

Recipient of a 2010 Test of Time Award from SIGCOMM.

photo of David GelbDavid Gelb

Title: Associate Professor
Email: dgelb@yorku.ca
Office: Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building, 4008 ext. 22831
Website: irdl.info.yorku.ca/about/members/david-gelb/

Research Interests:
Research is focused on both design and education. Pedagogic work engages the way that social technologies augment design learning with particular emphasis on artefact collaboration and building design knowledge.
Practice includes interactive design, user-centered research methods and mobile interface design.

Director of the Graduate Program in Design (MDes),Department of Design,
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD).

Co-leader of Interactive Art + Design Learning Modules.

eLearning leader for AMPD.

photo of Mark-David HosaleMark-David Hosale

Title: Associate Professor
Email: mdhosale@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 228 ext. 70105
Website: /www.mdhosale.com/

Research Interests:
Research explores the boundaries between the virtual and the physical world. It is concerned with the development of custom solutions (electronics hardware and software), primarily for the development of technology-based interactive art works, using open source and open platform resources in their development.

Hosale is also invested in a parallel theoretical practice that has been focused on world making, a concept attempting to construct immersive realties that express an essence of experience that reveal the ontology of philosophical propositions.

Department of Computational Arts, AMPD

photo of Michael JenkinMichael Jenkin

Title: Professor
Email: jenkin@cse.yorku.ca
Office: Sherman Health Sciences 1028 ext. 33162
Website: vgrserver.eecs.yorku.ca/~jenkin/

Research Interests:
Research interests are within the fields of visually guided autonomous robots and virtual reality; work on sensing strategies for AQUA, the development of tools and techniques to support crime scene investigation; and the understanding of the perception of self-motion and orientation in unusual environments including microgravity.

Professor at Computer Science and Engineering at Lassonde School of Engineering;

Member of the Centre for Vision Research at York University.

photo of Matthew KyanMatthew Kyan

Title: Associate Professor
Email: mkyan@eecs.yorku.ca
Office: Lassonde Building, 3030 (LAS3030) ext. 33965
Website: lassonde.yorku.ca/users/matthewkyan

Research Interests:
Research addresses challenges in the efficient organization, management and analysis of media-rich datasets, while developing more natural and intuitive modes for associated human-computer and computer-mediated interaction. This work finds application in multimedia search and summarization, knowledge-assisted visualization, immersive computing and virtual/mixed realities.

Member of the IEEE Signal Processing (SPS), Computational Intelligence (CIS) and Engineering in Medicine and Biology Societies (EMBS),

Treasurer for IEEE EMBS, Toronto Chapter.

Michael Longford

Title: Associate Professor
Email: longford@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 232 (416) 736-5187
Website: computationalarts.ampd.yorku.ca/profile/michael-longford/

Research Interests:
Research activities reside at the intersection of photography, graphic design and digital media.

Department of Computational Arts, AMPD,

Co-principal investigator for the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN),

Founding member of Hexagram: Institute for Research and Creation in Media Arts and Technologies.

photo of Joel OngJoel Ong

Title: Assistant Professor
Email: joelong@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 232 ext. 77322
Website: www.arkfrequencies.com/

Research Interests:
Research aims to connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment with respect to sound and physical space. Projects involving bodies and stethoscopes, nanotechnology, site-specific sound installations, collective (multi-media) improvisations, physical computing, environmental sensing, and data systems have been completed. Most recent research interests include creative use of environmental databases to create aesthetic, mediated, experiences of natural phenomenon, stemming from a long interest in the history and poetics of Aeolian devices.

Department of Computational Arts, AMPD.

Yifat Shaik

Title: Assistant Professor
Email: yshaik72@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 230
Website: www.yifatshaik.com; yifat.space

Research Interests: Experimental games with specific focus is on creating personal autobiographical work and the use of systems, data, and game mechanics in social interaction and political activism. Using playful interaction (games) to examine social structures and ethics in tech and AI, with emphasis on using mechanics as the primary tools of subverting the meaning of well-established video game systems. Experimenting with nontraditional way of developing games, AI and procedural generation in videogames


Department of Computational Arts, AMPD

Graduate Program in Gender Feminist and Women's Studies

Collective Member, Different Games

Sensorium research associate

Don Sinclairphoto of Don Sinclair

Title: Associate Professor
Email: dws@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 227 ext.70667
Website: www.yorku.ca/dws/

Research Interests:
Research interests encompass physical computing, wearable computing, interactive sound art, laptop performance, web art, database art, interactive dance, video projection, cycling art, sustainability, green architecture and choral singing.

Department of Computational Arts, AMPD,

Co-coordinator of the Digital Media Program, AMPD,

Member of the future cinema lab and the Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology.

Jane Tingley

Title: Assistant Professor
Email: jtingley@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 266
Website: janetingley.com

Research Interests:
Research includes the curation of exhibitions and creation of artworks that explore the intersection of art/technology/science, with a specific interest in interactivity, embodiment, and sensory perception. Recent research is focussed on mutualistic symbiotic relationships and the poetic interpretation of complex systems – both natural and technological.

Department of Computational Arts, AMPD

Co-Investigator of the Environments of Change


Affiliated Faculty at Technoculture Art and Games Research Centre


Doug Van Nortphoto of Doug Van Nort

Title: Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Digital Performance
Email: vannort@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 303H ext. 77018
Websites: dvntsea.com, dispersionlab.org

Research Interests:
Research-creation projects explore sound and movement-centred performances in distributed, technologically-mediated contexts. Drawing on backgrounds in electroacoustic and computer music, performance, Deep Listening, sonic perception, mathematics and media arts, the work integrates improvisation and collective performance with machine agents, interactive systems and experiences of telepresence.

Cross-Appointed between Departments of Computational Arts and Music, AMPD

Full Member of Graduate Program in Theatre & Performance Studies, AMPD

Founding director of the DisPerSion (DIStributed PERformance and Sensorial immersION) Lab

Assistant Editor, Computer Music Journal (MIT Press)

photo of Graham WakefieldGraham Wakefield

Title: Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Interactive Information Visualization
Email: grrrwaaa@yorku.ca
Office: Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, 303C
Website: www.artificialnature.net/

Research Interests:
Research-creation is founded upon a trans-disciplinary academic training in interactive art, music, virtual reality, mathematics and philosophy; practice incorporates art production and software engineering for audio-visual, interactive, and immersive mixed reality media.

Member of the York Centre for Vision Research, core member of the VISTA Vision Science to Applications CFREF program, member of the department of Computational Arts, partner in the Living Architecture Systems Group, and founding director of the Alice Lab for Computational Worldmaking.